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Are you feeding your furry friends commercial pet food? How can you make sure you are serving a healthy diet for them everyday?

Many people neglected about their pets’ diets and not sure how to provide a healthy, balanced meal for them. Did you know? Most of the food packets sold at pet stores often contain highly processed and grain-based ingredients which make animals overweight and unhealthy. Serving pets with kibble food is like humans eating fast food every day. It is cheap and easy but will eventually lead to serious health issues.

Humans get to choose the food we eat but pets don’t. They just eat whatever we put in front of them. So how we can do better on this part?

Petchef can helps. They prepare the healthiest pet food made from great, wholesome ingredients. Only top quality ingredients will be used in their meals.

It’s easy to create the perfect meal plan for your pets by letting the team know what dog or cat you own and fill in the details like its age, weight, breed, and if it has any allergies.

You might think that top quality food customized for your pet is something really expensive but our plans are cheaper than many premium Kibble brands.

What’s more? Customizes a plan now and check out with code “goAPRIL19” to be entitled for 1 month FREE treat!

~Click here for more information now~

Please take note that Petchef can only cover customers within the Klang Valley area.

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