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Some Great Sampling Site To Share About

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I have two sampling website to share with you guys.

~First, is Sample2you in Malaysia~

Delivering sample to your doorstep without changring you a single cent,

Sample2you clamied as

Malaysia’s Leading site to find FREE TRIAL SAMPLES

Inspired by the need to try or explore new things before actually buying,

Sample2you provides an opportunity to try a product for free

which could ultimately determine whether it is worth buying or not.

Like my favourite quotation, “Try, before you buy“.

Sample2you equipped with convenient sample requisition.

Registration for once is enough for you to redeem all the available samples.

For next sample requisition,

you simply need to sign in with your registered username and password,

click “Request Sample”.

That’s all!!

And your requested sample will be delivered

 to your registered mailing address

within few weeks for totally 100% FREE!!

~Second, is TheSampleStore in Singapore~

With the same objective with Sample2you,

TheSampleStore distribute samples online and

 help to find suitable products the easiest way

The only difference between these 2 online sampling website is,

Sample2you is totally FOC,

while TheSampleStore may charge you shipping fees for selected items.

By the way, I didn’t try TheSampleStore before.

Therefore I’m not very sure how it works.

If any readers from Singapore tried this,

feel free to share your experience with us ^^

~Check for further detail @ TheSampleStore~